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Today I’m reviewing B Health’s classic fit top and pants in sea blue. I was initially drawn to the Loving Hands mission of B Health because they are an ethically made medical apparel company. They partnered with a large non-profit to build an ethical garment factory in Vadodara, Gujarat called MSA Ethos, that strives to improve factory standards, access to health care, women’s rights for garment workers, among many other issues. I urge you to check out their mission statement if you’re interested in buying their scrubs. Be sure to use the code VIBRANTMED20 when checking out for an additional 20% off. Now let’s get to the scrubs breakdown!

Disclaimer: The following is my honest review of these scrubs. I did receive a free pair to try out, but I did not get paid to endorse them.



The top is fitted and tapers out from the waist, and the length is long and extends well beyond the hips. I love how there are two very large easily accessible pockets in the front of the shirt that you can rest your hands in. If you prefer to tuck your shirt in, these scrubs might not work since the front pockets will bulge out in an unflattering way. The scrub pants are loose-fitting cargo pants with multiple pockets, and held up by an elastic drawstring waistband that you can tighten.

Also, these scrubs come in some cute pastel colors like ash rose!


I think these scrubs are definitely more on the durable side, and feel even thicker than the Jaanuu set. They’re made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester. The lack of rayon means they’re not for those seeking the softer feel of FIGS scrubs.


You will be able to store everything in these scrubs. There are many many pockets on these cargo pants (two front pockets, two side pockets, and two additional pockets stitched to the side pockets), and the scrub top has two extremely convenient front pockets that will fit your hands as well as gauze and papers. There are two additional pockets stitched outside the front two pockets, for maximal compartmentalization. I did not find the scrubs to be 100% wrinkle free, although they are much less crinkly than hospital-issued scrubs.



I found the XXS top a little long on me, but the fit was perfect. I tried the XXS pants in REGULAR, and definitely felt they were too long for my 5’3″ frame. I will also add that the elastic waistband on the XXS pants felt a little tight, but the rest of the pants fit a little baggy. I do not foresee needing to tighten the drawstrings.



This set is $20 for the top and $20 for the bottom, which is actually half the price of my other scrubs from FIGS and Jaanuu.


I think these are great for someone looking for a thicker and more durable scrub set, but not for someone looking for a “so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing it” set. I generally prefer tucking my scrub top into my pants, so the top wasn’t really my style, but I did love how it gives you a place to rest your idle hands. Overall, I think this is a great affordable and ETHICAL option for someone who wants some colorful scrubs 🙂



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