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You’ll wish you were on-call every day.

Time for the long overdue review of the FIGS Catarina top and Kade cargo pants! I got both in navy. Scroll down for the breakdown.

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These scrubs feel amazing to the touch. They’re made of 72% polyester, 21% rayon, and 7% spandex. They won’t be like the hospital scrubs we’re all used to, with the stiff starchy texture. The rayon makes it feel super soft AND the polyester makes it cool to the touch.

Normally I feel really frumpy in scrubs, but these are so chic and fitted. You’ll want to wear these on a daily basis. The Catarina top is nicely tapered at the waist so you don’t feel like you’re in a potato sack. The Kade bottom has a straight-leg cut, so it’s flattering for all body types and pairs really well with sneakers.

The Catarina top has one breast pocket for your cellphone or a scribbled note of patient MRNs. The Kade pants have two regular pockets and one cargo pocket on the thigh (there’s technically two cargo pockets but they’re right on top of each other). You can fit more than enough gauze, ACE wraps, and pens in there. And did I mention that these are completely WRINKLE-FREE?? Seriously. I forgot to fold them after I did the laundry and they literally were in a crumpled pile for a few days before I wore them. NO WRINKLES.

I’m about 5’3″ size 0-2, and prefer the top in XXS and the bottom in petite XS. I also tried the bottom in regular XS (pictured here) and it just grazes the floor, which would be gross/inconvenient for the hospital. You might be able to get away with regular length if you’re wearing platform crocs or Danskos (see review here). It also comes in tall for the vertically gifted.

Okay, these are pricey. The top is $38 and the pants are $48. These are not your disposable scrubs. You keep these for life.

VERDICT: HIGHLY RECOMMEND. I seriously want to stock up on these and incorporate it into my daily rotation. You’ll wish you were on-call every day.

Catarina top. Not sure what I’m doing with hands…
Kade cargo pants in regular length… it’s a little long


2 comments on “Review: FIGS Scrubs

  1. Figs Scrubs should adopt the Operationheatjac Original Vest and be the first kid on the block before the white paper comes out and the publications.

  2. Debra DeSimone Macchi

    I am a physician who has many Fig scrub tops–most purchased for me by family for birthdays and Christmases. I have touted Figs to colleagues for years. This Christmas, an acquaintance gave me a figs scrub top for Christmas; it is grey, and I really dislike that color. I called Figs and asked them how to exchange it for any other color but gray, and they refused to make the exchange if I could not provide the order number. Huh? I am not going to ask the gift giver for the order number so that she knows I am exchanging it! It is brand new, tags on, in the bag, yet they refused. Who has ever heard of this, especially after Christmas? I won’t be purchasing Figs tops again and neither will anyone in my family. What an arrogant company with awful customer service!

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